Cannabis Sales Could Be Coming To Outside Lands In San Francisco

One brand is already planning to bring its infused products

Just before 4/20, San Francisco passed a law legalizing marijuana sales and consumption at outdoor public events and festivals. The only problem? Permits were not ready in time for the 4/20 party, nor the How Weird Street Faire, nor even last weekend’s Pride celebrations.

But one festival could become the first to allow marijuana sales and smoking. SF Weekly has learned that Outside Lands (Aug. 9-11) is attempting to obtain a cannabis event permit for 2019. It’s unclear whether the festival is pursuing onsite cannabis sales, consumption, or both, or whether they’re also after a temporary waiver to Golden Gate Park’s anti-smoking ordinance as permitted in the cannabis event legislation.

Last year’s Outside Lands featured a cannabis-themed pop-up area — Grass Lands — where marijuana brand exhibitors let you touch and smell their products, but not buy or consume them. This year’s Grass Lands would work similarly, but it could be especially lit with the sights and smells of real grass getting bought and smoked.

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