Cannabiz Media Announces Free Regional Subscriptions For Cannabis License Holders

The hope is to make it easier for licensed businesses to connect

The Cannabiz Media team has been hard at work enhancing the Cannabiz Media License Database, now offering expanded CRM and email marketing functionality, and currently tracking over 50,000 licenses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Now, cannabis license holders across North America have an opportunity  to unlock data for licensees in their state or region at no cost.

Cannabiz Media is offering complimentary License Database subscriptions  to make it easier for cannabis license holders to build relationships with fellow license holders, and verify they are licensed operations.

“So often, we’ve heard about the struggles that cannabis license holders have finding other licensed businesses, verifying the status of other licenses, and connecting with other license holders,” explains Cannabiz Media President Larry Schwartz. “By offering these complementary  regional accounts to active cannabis license holders, we’re hoping to promote collaboration and make it easier for license holders to find each other, build relationships with each other to complete their supply chains, and vet potential partners.”

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