Capturing The Energy Costs For Cannabis Cultivation

Denver officials reported the cannabis industry accounted for 3.9% of energy usage in 2016

Cannabis industry stakeholders, much like other stakeholders operating in agricultural and livestock commodities, place a great deal of emphasis on energy consumption and carbon-emissions levels. Whether framed by cultivators and producers as economic fixed costs, ongoing governmental policy, or the industry’s environmental legacy, the continuing challenges and consequences of large-scale harvesting are matters of perennial urgency.

In the forthcoming Cannabis Energy Report, New Frontier Data has joined both Scale MicroGrid Solutions and the Resource Innovation Institute to provide a landmark, comprehensive study about the challenges of energy consumption and carbon emissions throughout the cultivation and production cycles of cannabis. Until now, many industry stakeholders have been relying on data and analysis based on research collected prior to the deployment of legalized medical and adult-use programs throughout 31 states and the District of Columbia.


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