Chalice California On Hold After Being Denied Cannabis Permits

The festival had planned to open starting tomorrow

*UPDATE* Chalice Festival organizers have informed us that Chalice has been postponed for 4 months. Details can be found on their website here.


After months of planning, and with a stellar lineup of hip-hop acts in place, Chalice California has been postponed after the Victorville City Council last week did not grant the event permission to sell marijuana. The festival, originally set for July 13-15 at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds, was all set to include live music and pot vendors, until the council dealt the killer blow.

“Chalice Festival has officially been postponed” for approximately four months to likely another venue, according to the festival’s Instagram. Organizers cited safety concerns and the city council’s antagonistic position toward pot sales as motivations for the delay.

“We must take a stand that cannabis culture business brings value to cities,” festival organizers wrote.

While adult recreational use of marijuana has been legal since Jan. 1, the newly created Bureau of Cannabis Control requires commercial pot ventures to have local approval. In the case of Victorville, the city has an ordinance that bans commercial pot activity within city limits.


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