CHAMPS 50-State Virtual Show 2.0 Opens Tomorrow

Make sure you are registered and ready to go for opening day

We all know that throughout 2020 COVID-19 has been an ongoing battle both at home in the United States and across the globe. CHAMPS Trade Shows has been committed to doing it’s part to help the industry during these unprecedented times through innovation and helping our family connect no matter the circumstances.

Through that effort CHAMPS Trade Shows, being fully committed to the counter-culture industry, created the CHAMPS 50-State Virtual Trade Show in order to help fulfill the needs of both our exhibitors and our buyers during these trying times which necessitated physical separation. While the fun and excitement of being around everyone on-site is incomparable, CHAMPS 50-State Virtual Trade Show was created and debuted it back in July to bridge the gap created by the novel coronavirus. After taking in comments from both our exhibitors and attendees, CHAMPS 50-State Virtual Trade Show returns with what we hope is an even more incredible experience than last time.

Featuring 3 fully realized and built out Virtual Halls (Joint Junction, Ganja Garden, Reefer Road) as well as private Meeting Rooms, and an informative Registration Area, CHAMPS 50-State Virtual Trade Show 2.0 will help you stock up your store with everything you need for the Fall rush. Not only that, but the FAM Glass Village is now fully included as part of the show! Check out some of the latest and greatest from the best American glass artists around!

Didn’t participate in 1.0 and not sure what CHAMPS 50-State Virtual Trade Show 2.0 is all about? No worries. Ask yourself this, have you ever wanted to stock the shelves of your store with all of the latest products in counter-culture without having to leave your home or office? With CHAMPS 50-State Virtual Trade Show 2.0 starting tomorrow at 10am Pacific, you can! CHAMPS 50-State Virtual Trade Show 2.0 features a bunch of the top brands in counter-culture today and is set to raise the digital bar yet again.

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CHAMPS 2nd ever 50-State Virtual Trade Show opens its digital doors tomorrow running 10am through 5pm Pacific Standard Time daily through Thursday. If you aren’t registered there is still time to join in by applying at and we’ll see you on the digital show floor!

Source: CHAMPS Smoke Shop Report

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