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CHAMPS Trade Show Opens Its Doors Monday In Denver

CHAMPS is ready to start our 8th show in the Mile High City

In Denver, the business of counter-culture is booming like never before. With new and incredible products coming out all of the time, the idea of what is possible in the industry has turned from limitations of capital resources, into creating with the only limitations of manufacturers being their own imagination. In ‘The Centennial State’, it looks like the grass is getting greener by the year.

CHAMPS is now preparing to open its doors at the beautiful Colorado Convention Center for our 8th show in the Mile High City. 7 years ago, it had been roughly 3 and a half years since Amendment 20 had passed and the medical cannabis market was an established powerhouse. While the passage of recreational cannabis under Amendment 64 was on the horizon, it would still be 2 more years before the first retail sale of adult use cannabis was sold in the state.

Sorry Denver Blue Bear, the general public is not allowed at CHAMPS

With the passage of the US Farm Bill in 2018, Cannabidiol (CBD for short) has been exploding in popularity all across the globe and Colorado is no exception. CHAMPS is expecting every type of CBD product you can imagine to be on the show floor in Denver, ready for your store shelves. But that’s not all, not even buy a long shot. CHAMPS is everything your store needs when it comes to counter-culture. From the latest and greatest in vaporizer technologies, to of course, the best glass smokeware found anywhere in the industry.

At the Denver show, you can also see the fifth installment of the 2019 Glass Games. An actual “marbles” competition will take place this year on the show floor, with artists competing against each other with the exquisite glass marbles they designed.

Glass Games Artists during CHAMPS Summer Show in Las Vegas Nevada

There’s also the Goblet Grab. Artists design glass goblets (minimum $200 wholesale value) which are then displayed in a raffle. When attendees purchase a raffle ticket, they’re guaranteed to win a goblet; they just don’t know which one it will be!

Lastly, Focus V Products is inviting artists to create an attachment for the Carta Vape Rig, a contest that will show off some of the incredible talents of the regional artists. Winners from the Denver show will join the winners from the 4 previous shows at the Masters Finals in Las Vegas next year.

Remember, CHAMPS is NOT open to the public. CHAMPS Trade Show is a B2B Trade Event and is only open to industry buyers from licensed smoke shops or dispensaries. If you would like to register as an industry buyer, Please Click Here

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