Change In Business Model For A Dispensary In Washington Is Data-Backed Says Owner

Sam decided to modify his business plan after watching state sales data

Green Star Cannabis dispensary customers in Spokane, Washington are going to experience something new: items that are less expensive, intended for shoppers who don’t want to pay for high quality. Though higher priced items will still be available, it will be a switch for owner Sam Calvert. Sam decided to modify his business plan after watching state sales data, along with seeing an increasing number of shops in the Spokane area. Today, there are 34 shops in the county, along with a new one that may be opening soon across the street from Green Star.

What it means for retail: This is a story of where marijuana is going. Washington state has allowed a plethora of dispensaries to open, and because of all this new competition, prices are dropping, and many new types of products are hitting the market. As more people start using marijuana recreationally, the market is going to have to adjust to a bunch of new buyers who want products at many available price points. This may be an adjustment in the first few years of a growing industry, but long-term, the market will balance out as it did in the wake of post-ico’s in the Los Angeles region. We will keep our eyes on the trends and let you know of any shifts.

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