Colorado Cannabis Industry Gives Back During COVID-19 Pandemic

Even Senator Cory Gardner recognized the Colorado cannabis sector

Over the past half-dozen years, marijuana dispensaries have gone from worrying about federal raids to being deemed essential businesses by their respective state governments during a nationwide pandemic. The evolution hasn’t stopped there, either: Members of the marijuana and hemp industries are stepping up to help both workers on the front lines and members of the general public affected by coronavirus.

Even Senator Cory Gardner recognized the Colorado cannabis sector’s efforts during a speech on the Senate floor in March.

“In a uniquely Colorado way, you have hemp businesses that are now producing cotton swabs for medical needs. You have whiskey distilleries that are producing hand sanitizers for hospitals for home health care,” Gardner said. “We have protective equipment that’s being donated by the Denver Broncos and by [the] marijuana industry, and by so many other businesses across the state of Colorado who are stepping up in ways that make all of us proud.”

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