Colorado Extends List Of Approved Pesticides

The state approved 6 new pesticides on Friday for use with cannabis

The current approved pesticides that can be used within the guidelines of the Pesticide Applicators Act has been updated.

The following 6 products can now be used without being in violation.

  • MegaGro L
  • Circadian Sunrise
  • All Phase
  • Confine Extra
  • Thymox Control Fungicide and Bactericide Concentrate
  • Rhizopon AA #2 (0.3)

The CDA (Colorado Department of Agriculture) requires that all growers be in compliance and up to date on what pesticides are allowed. Please make sure to review the updated list by the department by clicking here for a pdf or here for an Excel form.

For any questions regarding this change, please contact the Pesticide Registration Coordinator, Dr. Laura Quakenbush, at (303) 869-9060 or by emailing her directly at

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