Colorado’s Department Of Agriculture Adds To List Of Approved Pesticides For Cannabis

Colorado added 8 new products to the list of approved pesticides

Colorado has updated its list of approved pesticides for cannabis that will not result in a violation of the Pesticide Applicators’ Act 35-10-117(1)(i), as long as the applicator follows the label directions.

  • Clean Crop Solutions
  • Desect Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide (25 lb – Crop Uses)
  • Nuke Em Advanced
  • Pest Out
  • RootShield Plus+ Granules Biological Fungicide
  • RootShield Plus+ WP Biological Fungicide
  • Serifel NG Biological Fungicide
  • Trifecta Ready To Use Crop Control

Click here for a pdf of all approved pesticides to date, or click here for an Excel form. For questions regarding this or any other change related to pesticides approved for cannabis use please contact Laura Quakenbush at 303-869-9060 or email her at

For the latest information on Colorado’s Department of Agriculture’s Pesticides Program, visit these important webpages:

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