Considering the Terroir of Cannabis: Henry’s Original Prerolls

Consumers want to purchase products that are in direct alignment with their values and the cannabis industry is no different. In just the same way that location, weather, and neighboring crops affect the taste of your wine, pay attention to what’s in your weed. What factors affect the terroir – the complete natural environment – in which your flower is grown? Not just the soil, but the entire microclimate affects the quality of your smoke. The crisp air of Mendocino County at Henry’s Original Clean Green Certified farms provides an ideal cultivation climate. This famous microclimate, located in fabled Emerald Triangle region of Northern California, determines the flower’s taste and effect. The master growers at Henry’s Original start from seed with heirloom varieties and adhere to strict standards to maintain the highest quality of cannabis available on the market today.

Have you ever seen the rich-colored yolk of a pasture-raised egg? The best eggs come from hens who enjoy a proper chicken lifestyle: in the sunshine, getting to peck and cluck around in actual dirt and grass. Use equal discernment when choosing a pre-rolled joint. A full-spectrum smoke with all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present will be well-enjoyed by the conscious cannabis consumer. The plant (like a chicken, or an egg) develops in a more balanced way when exposed to sunlight. It can absorb nutrients from neighboring crops so that flower grown near blueberries may take on the attributes of blueberries. All this enriches the plant’s life. Just like a chicken, a happy plant will yield the most delicious flower. Grown in small batches, Henry’s Original Prerolls provide an artisanal smoke for woke (yolk) folk who deserve the best.


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