COVID-19 Ended A Lot Of Things, But Not Cannabis Sales In San Diego

The industry seems to be thriving as sales explode during the pandemic

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are dealing with stress, anxiety, and boredom, and some San Diegans’ coping mechanism has shown in sales.

“I personally use it a lot to manage my anxiety and my stress,” said San Diegan Jackie Bryant, referring to marijuana, “and it’s been a really huge help for my mental health during the pandemic.”

Blake Marchand is the owner of marijuana dispensary, March and Ash in Mission Valley. He compared the initial rush of marijuana sales during the beginning of the pandemic to that of some other popular items.

“It was similar to how people ran to Costco to grab you know, all the toilet paper that they could. I think in the first couple weeks, you know, a lot of customers are coming in and just grabbing, grabbing enough just in case we were to be shut down,” he said.

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