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Creative Holiday Promotions for Your Cannabis Dispensary

Why not take full advantage of a great marketing opportunity

With the holidays quickly approaching, why not take full advantage of a great marketing opportunity and have holiday-themed promotions at your cannabis store? Ensuring that your dispensary helps spread some holiday cheer to make sure your customers have a happy, high holiday will be sure to increase sales and revenue and brand recognition of your cannabusiness.

Charitable Promotions

What’s better to help people get in the holiday spirit than hosting charity drives? Advertising a unique charitable promotion is sure to bring more potential customers into your store. You can offer many incentives to encourage people to participate. Consider offering a percentage discount on all purchases based on participation in your charity drive. The holidays are a perfect time of year to run a winter-themed charitable promotion. Canned food drives, blanket drives, and warm weather gear drives (coats, hats, mittens, scarves) are sure to help out those in need in your community. Then, in exchange for donating to your choice of charitable cause, you can reciprocate by offering your customers a discount. For example, 10% off the price of any ounce of flower for anyone who brings in a winter coat to donate is sure to bring in charitable cannabis connoisseurs. There are other ways to support various charities besides donating items they’re in need of. Charities always appreciate cold, hard cash. To raise money for the charity of your choice, you could hold a raffle and donate all proceeds to that particular charity. Some examples of good raffle prizes that will motivate people to buy a ticket are:

  • An intricate, detailed glass piece such as a pipe or bong
  • A monetary amount that will be awarded to the winner to buy products in your store
  • Cannabis-themed items such as candles, stickers, greeting cards, or books
  • Branded items unique to your store such as lighters or apparel

You could also always choose to advertise that you’re going to be donating a portion of your revenue to a charity or cause of your choice. Just be sure to actually follow through! This could be done in the form of a certain percentage of sales, or up to a certain dollar amount. Additionally, you can offer to match customer donations in order to double the proceeds that are to be donated to your cause. To increase the rate of monetary donations from customers, offer them the opportunity to sign their name on a donation card that you then hang up and display in the store.

Holiday-Themed Promotions

What’s better than cuddling up by the fire with a warm, steaming mug of hot chocolate when it’s cold outside? Choosing to prominently display edibles that come in traditional holiday flavors will increase sales as customers associate them with the upcoming holidays. Flavors and edible products such as hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, peppermint, candy cane, and gingerbread are all sure to evoke feelings associated with winter and the upcoming cheerful holiday season that your customers are sure to be looking forward to. For your cannabis customers that celebrate Christmas, you can offer Christmas-themed packages and sales. In states that allow up to an ounce to be sold at a time, a 25-day Advent calendar can be assembled using 25 different strains of weed, divided into 1 gram for each day. Not only does it help people keep track of the countdown to Christmas, a flower-filled Advent calendar also allows your customers to sample many different strains at once. If you have a signature strain at your dispensary, it’s a good idea to include it- if customers like it, they can exclusively re-purchase it at your store only, increasing the foot traffic in your retail store. In the last couple of weeks leading up to Christmas Day, you could also do a “12 days of Christmas” promotion. Each of the twelve days, offer a different category or brand of product that will be on sale. For example, on the first day of Christmas, you could offer a discount on “tree”, or flower, to gain extra bonus points in the eyes of your customers for sticking to the famous song lyrics.

Sales Promotions

To increase sales in your retail cannabusiness, it’s also smart to offer deep discounts and variety packs around the holidays. One of your store’s goals should be to attract more first-time customers who are coming in to buy gifts for other people. For those new to the legal cannabis industry who aren’t sure what to purchase for their loved one(s), it’s a good idea to offer “grab-n-go” gift bags. This makes the holiday shopping process much less stressful when the buyer doesn’t have to make any decisions and select products on their own. You can offer pre-packaged variety packs that include things every cannabis connoisseur would appreciate. For example, in a grab bag, you could include a couple of different strains of bud, a concentrate, a topical, and some accessories such as rolling papers, just to name a few examples. Use your creativity to create a good mix of classic favorites and new, exciting products that are likely to catch customers’ eyes. Another great sales promotion to offer around the holidays is selling stocking stuffers on sale. Lowering the price of the small things that you don’t make a large profit margin on and placing them near your checkout area absolutely drives up the rate of impulse purchases being made by customers. For example, you can offer joint papers or blunt wraps on sale for a dollar or less. Lighters, smaller pipes, and stash jars all make good stocking stuffers as well.

Be Flexible and Learn

During the holiday season, it’s also a good idea to extend your store hours if possible and if it is legal to do so in your jurisdiction. If you’re able to successfully do so, don’t forget to advertise it well! Making potential customers aware that you’re offering extended hours is very important. Opening earlier than usual or staying open longer than normal allows customers to come in and shop who may not have been able to otherwise. Giving them a convenient opportunity to shop for their loved ones will garner more revenue for your cannabusiness. Use your creativity and imagination to come up with solid, well-developed promotional ideas that will help increase sales around the holidays. Don’t be afraid to experiment and figure out what works and what doesn’t- there’s always next year! Happy Holi-daze to all!

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