5th Dispensary In Hawaii, Cure Oahu, Opens Its Doors

Cure Oahu occupies 2,400 square feet in an old Bank of Hawaii location

For Oahu medical marijuana patients, there is a new option for purchasing the products they need: Cure Oahu.  Located on Kapahulu Avenue, this dispensary is the 5th to open in Hawaii and the 3rd in Honolulu.  It is open to all 329 cardholders.

Cure Oahu occupies 2,400 square feet of space in the old Bank of Hawaii location.  The company has taken great care to craft their dispensary as a space for wellness and healing.  From the outside, it looks similar to any medical building.  Inside, the sleek and modern design feels far removed from the smoke shop aesthetic some might expect, mirroring the look of a smart device store.

The company is focused on helping patients feel both comfortable and empowered in their treatment.  As such, they work to help educate patients on their offerings.  In the lobby, there are digital displays that explain their offerings, allowing customers to fully understand their options before they enter the secured dispensary area.  They also offer consultations in semi-private stations so patients can have all questions answered before they buy.

According to Dispensary Director George Bullock, as told to, “It’s a very welcoming environment for customers to come in and feel very relaxed while they’re here, ensuring that they would have a wonderful experience and then would come back.”

In addition to comfort and education, Cure Oahu focuses on convenience.  They offer online registration where customers can create accounts and provide all the information needed to allow the dispensary to sell to them.  Registered customers can pre-order products and have them ready for pickup when they stop in at Cure Oahu.

Another convenient aspect of shopping with Cure Oahu is their online payment system.  Cure Oahu uses CanPay.  This system allows you to skip cash and use your bank account to pay for services. It is specifically designed for cannabis businesses and other businesses in emerging industries.

Cure Oahu is located at 727 Kapahulu Avenue in Honolulu.  Their initial product line offers specialized indica, sativa, and hybrid strains as well as tinctures and lozenges; they plan to expand to oils and other products soon.  You can visit their dispensary from 10am to 8pm Monday through Saturday and register online at

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