Curiosity About CBD At An All-Time High

40% of non-users express interest in adding CBD to enhance health

Forty percent of non-users express interest in adding CBD to enhance health.

Late last month, High Yield Insights, a Chicago-based market research firm, released the results of a survey that reported approximately 40 percent of U.S. adults age 21 are interested in trying products infused with CBD. The survey was conducted online in mid-January. Of the 2,000 respondents, 1,500 reported that they have used CBD products within the past three months, while 500 had not yet used CBD.

CBD, of course, is the cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that researchers have found to alleviate symptoms associated with seizure disorders and benefits individuals suffering from anxiety, pain, depression, sleeplessness and other ailments.

The study, titled “The CBD Consumer Experience: Part One,” found that nearly two-thirds of consumers expressing interest in using CBD products are 35 years or older. Additionally, eight out of ten had attended college. Also, females make up the majority of people who are considering using CBD, which could be the result of the current boom of CBD-infused products debuting in the health and beauty industries. With easier access to products and plentiful professional research that supports its efficacy, 40 percent expressed interest in adding CBD to their diet or personal wellness regimen.

Approximately half of those currently using CBD are under the age of 34 and most have used CBD for less than one year.

Although the Farm Bill legalizing industrial hemp was signed into law last December, the legal status of CBD products remains somewhat hazy. In January, the FDA stated that CBD, because it is derived from the cannabis plant, remains illegal on the federal level. The agency’s insistence that CBD is an unregulated food additive led several states to pull CBD products from shelves.

Regardless, almost half of the U.S. states allow CBD merchandise in some form. And, without a doubt, the continuous news cycle that cover new CBD products or tell stories of healing have sparked the curiosity of millions. The FDA has promised to clarify its stance on CBD’s legal status in the coming months.

In future reports, High Yield Insights will focus on the CBD user’s lifestyle: changes in consumption and the substitution of CBD-infused products for alcohol and pharmaceuticals.

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