Davis, California Begins Reviewing Recreational Dispensary Applications

The city has a total of 13 sites to consider

The Davis Planning Commission will begin this week to decide where in the city of Davis up to four retail cannabis dispensaries will be allowed to set up shop. Twelve businesses submitted applications last fall for retail shops dispensing medical and recreational cannabis, on site as well as via mobile delivery. One of the businesses has proposed two different locations in town, giving the city a total of 13 sites to consider.

Under an ordinance passed in September, the City Council will select up to four to operate for an 18-month period, after which the council may expand — or reduce — the number of dispensaries allowed. The locations the council ultimately will choose from include six in the downtown area; one in the Old East Davis area close to L Street; three on Olive Drive; two along Second Street, east of downtown; and one on West Chiles Road south of Richards Boulevard.

The city’s ordinance prohibits dispensaries in residential zones and within 600 feet of schools, day cares and parks, and all of the proposed dispensaries are in areas zoned for commercial, industrial or mixed uses. They include:

* 5 Point Management (applicant Donovan Nimmo) at 1046 Olive Dr.
* All Good Wellness (applicants Lorne Silverstein and Lawrence Allende) at 325 G St.
* California Grown (applicants Anthony and Stephanie Vasquez) at 1605 2nd St.
* Davis Cannabis Collective (applicants Kimberly Cargile and Ashley Kammerer) at 2121 2nd St.
* Davis Cannabis Company (applicant Sidney Dunmore) at 1221 3rd St.
* Delta of Venus (applicant Lee Walthall) at 120-122 B St.
* F Street Dispensary (applicant Rob Read) at 416 F St.
* The Good People Farms (applicant Mary Kay Hoal) at 514 3rd St.
* The Good People Farms (applicant Mary Kay Hoal) at 140 B St.
* Greenbar (applicants Melissa Sanchez and Kevin Carmichael) at 965 Olive Dr.
* Kind Farma (applicant Tim Schimmel) at 946 Olive Dr.
* Manna Roots (applicant Tracy DeWit) at 117 D St.
* River City Phoenix (applicant Tom Sheridan) at 1100 W Chiles Road


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