DC Says Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Can Offer Delivery Due To Coronavirus Crisis

They must, however, follow a long list of rules in order to comply

Licensed cannabis dispensaries in D.C. can offer delivery service, curbside pickup, and at-the-door pickup starting Tuesday according to the order from the DC Mayor’s office.

The temporary order is “necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare” of medical cannabis patients as they abide by D.C.’s stay-at-home order and adhere to social distancing guidelines, the order says. 

Dispensaries are considered essential health care providers. However, they must follow a long list of rules, including stopping delivery service by 7 p.m., never carrying more than $5,000 worth of marijuana and cash, and not exceeding the limit of four ounces per patient within a 30-day period. 

Go here to see the mayor’s full order

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