DEA Agent Now Private Security Consultant For Cannabis Growers

He transports cash and teaches the industry how to thwart would-be criminals

As a drug enforcement agent, Scott Durst spent three decades trying to put illegal drug dealers in jail, both in Maine and abroad.

Now the retired police officer is making a second career for himself as a private security consultant for Maine’s legal cannabis growers, transporting cash between five state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries and the handful of banks that will accept legal marijuana profits. He teaches the industry how to thwart would-be criminals and local police how to work with the industry.

“At first, I thought, ‘Oh boy, I don’t know if I can do this,’ but I talked to my former colleagues, and they said if somebody’s going to do it, we’re glad it’s you, because this is going to be a nightmare for law enforcement,” Durst recalled on a recent cannabis cash run. “That’s how I justify it in my head. I’m still fighting illegal drug crime. I’m just doing it from the inside.”


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