Denver Police Report Rise In Dispensary Burglaries

“Please take this time to incorporate additional measures”

Marijuana dispensaries and other pot businesses have seen a “slight” rise in burglaries over the spring, according a memo from the Denver Police Department.

The notice was sent to all licensed marijuana businesses in the city on April 14, asking them to tighten or implement additional security measures as Colorado dispensaries transition toward more to-go and pre-order sales during the coronavirus pandemic, per state recommendations.

“The Denver Police Department has seen a slight increase in burglaries to marijuana businesses, primarily storefronts, during this unprecedented time in our history,” the memo reads. “We know that all of you have established new policies during this pandemic to limit the number of customers in your stores while practicing good social distancing recommendations. If you have not done so already, please take this time to incorporate additional measures to prevent a crime from occurring at your business.”

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