Deschutes County Oregon Weighs More Restrictive Marijuana Rules

The proposed rules would prohibit production and processing in the county’s multiuse agriculture zone

Central Oregon’s Deschutes County is considering stricter marijuana rules that could reduce the amount of county land available for cultivation by more than 75 percent and expand buffer zones between pot grows and schools, national monuments and public land.

Deschutes County commissioners heard feedback recently on proposals that would change everything from marijuana production to retail in the rural parts of the Central Oregon county, The Bulletin reported.

Residents in rural areas such as Tumalo and Alfalfa largely support the proposed changes because they feel the marijuana industry has drastically changed their community. Marijuana businesses, however, opposed the rules and say they were not adequately represented in the decision-making process.

“It’s so challenging to feel like you don’t have a voice,” said Lindsey Pate, cofounder of the Deschutes County cannabis operation Glass House Grown.


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