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Design Features Of Winning Dispensaries

One of the leading factors of success is having a winning design scheme

One of the leading factors that help dispensaries succeed is having a winning design scheme for the business. Having a beautifully and efficiently designed dispensary will help attract and retain customers and most importantly, increase sales.

Cannabis Education

For the first-time or similarly uninitiated cannabis consumer, it’s important that dispensaries can cater to expanding their cannabis education effectively and efficiently. This means adequately displaying products in a manner that helps customers quickly and easily visually identify products and examine them. Retail marijuana stores should make sure to display flower in glass jars that can be easily opened to give customers a chance to smell and look at the nugs to help them make a selection. Menu displays are also helpful for customers because they can browse the current inventory quickly and compare prices, oftentimes before even heading back into the showroom. Some dispensaries even offer iPad stations in the showrooms for their customers to browse the current selection of inventory as well. Some dispensaries even allow their customers to get a peek behind-the-scenes into their cultivation process while they’re shopping. When consumers get to see where their cannabis comes from, they feel more confident that what they’re consuming is safe and high-quality.

Digital & Other Signage

Signage is also an important factor that helps guide your customers’ cannabis experience. In Colorado, many dispensaries optionally choose to display signage created by the state’s Good to Know Colorado advertising campaign which now goes by the name Responsibility Grows Here. These state-sanctioned signs remind consumers of important rules of thumb when consuming cannabis, such as not to drive high, and how long edibles can typically take to kick in (to prevent overconsumption). Spreading general knowledge like this is important as more people look to become cannabis connoisseurs in the expanding legal marketplace.

Point of Sale Systems

One of the most important tools that a dispensary owner can invest in when designing their store is a good point-of-sale system. Good point-of-sale systems improve the overall customer experience that your store can provide. When choosing the right system for your business, be sure to consider the product design and user experience. Intuitive design is important to make your customers’ transactions seamless. The best point-of-sale systems can help improve budtenders’ performance by remembering which strains a particular customer prefers, for example. Innovations in features to systems like this help increase sales and keep customers coming back. For medical dispensaries, this can be especially useful to store patient info. Budtenders are able to make better recommendations the more information they have, and the information can easily come from your point-of-sale system if you choose one with this feature. Having an ATM located on-site in either your waiting area or showroom is a good idea as well so that customers who don’t come prepared with cash-on-hand can still make all their purchases. Don’t lose a sale and let someone leave empty-handed just because they didn’t have cash.

Setting an Ambiance in Your Dispensary

Bright lighting helps give retail marijuana stores an upscale, yet comfortable feeling when customers step inside the showroom. Bright lighting is not necessarily as important in waiting rooms or lounges, but adequate lighting is nonetheless imperative so that your customers can safely navigate the space and observe all required signage. Lighting makes all the difference when it comes to making your dispensary feel warm and inviting and not cold and clinical. When it comes to waiting areas, keep in mind that some patrons who enter your store won’t actually ever step foot in the showroom. Make sure that waiting rooms or lounges have comfortable seating options. Bonus points for having good music playing and interesting reading material available to keep people occupied while they’re waiting.

The More Space, The Better

Many dispensaries are specifically built to accommodate some extra space set aside in the showroom for accessories and/or clothing to be sold. Some medical dispensaries even offer private counseling rooms for their patients. When planning your dispensary’s layout, it’s important to decide early on if you need to set any extra room aside for additions to the overall design such as these. One current design trend, minimalism, is a great design option for dispensaries that are just starting out and lack capital or for those looking to design their space on a budget. Minimalism is an easy way to cut down on costs- concrete floors, steel shelving, and exposed ceilings and ductwork are the norm. Just because you spend less, doesn’t mean your space has to look unprofessional. Minimalism is a great way for your dispensary to look put together and still be functional and efficient while saving on unnecessary costs early on.

Building Your Brand

Above all, cultivating brand recognition is extremely effective in attracting a constant stream of new customers. Custom-designed graphics are quickly becoming the standard in the industry. Some dispensaries even customize the tiniest of details, such as commissioning custom marijuana-themed wallpaper. Incorporating these winning design trends into your dispensary is sure to help it be a success. As cannabis becomes legally regulated more and more nationwide, design trends and innovations will continue to emerge in the industry. Always keep an eye out for the freshest new design trends to create a winning customer experience at your dispensary.

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