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Design Tips For New And Established Cannabis Dispensaries

Design can make the difference between world class and just another dispensary

Making your dispensary or commercial cannabis retail operation stand out depends on effectively designing and decorating your store or dispensary. To be able to stand out in the retail cannabis industry, you must effectively design and decorate your store to cater to your target audience. When customers walk into your store, you want their first impression to be that your store is inviting and comfortable- you don’t want to make people feel on edge and end up driving customers away.


For New Retail Cannabis Stores

One key to designing your brand-new dispensary is effectively utilizing space. When you first open for business, you may be low on inventory initially, but be sure to evenly distribute goods and items for sale throughout your retail store so that it doesn’t appear too empty. Empty spaces make your store appear less inviting and less successful- you don’t want it to appear to customers that you’re lacking capital or closing down soon. The layout of your store is a key ingredient to successfully marketing your dispensary. Solidify your brand’s visuals, including logos and signage, early on in the design process so that you can seamlessly incorporate them into your store’s overall look. Consistent branding helps create a good first impression of your dispensary for customers. If your store recently opened, this will help set a good tone for all future visits to your dispensary by customers, and it will also help them remember your business’s details, like its name and location. Uniform visuals are much more memorable than a discombobulated, chaotic look.

Establish a recognizable company culture early on. Everything from how the budtenders are dressed to the pattern painted on the store’s walls conveys a certain style and culture. Even the cases you choose to display products in effects the vibe of your store. For example, really tall cases that customers have to stand on their tiptoes to see into can create a feeling of disconnect between budtenders and customers. You want to avoid these types of scenarios and make sure your store is inviting to all and inclusive for everyone. As a new store, it’s important to understand your community and the locals who live and work there before developing a definitive culture. People in the nearby area will be your main customer base, so you must understand them and appeal to them to sell to them successfully. If you operate in a low-income area, it wouldn’t make sense to have all your employees and security dressed up in suits and dresses- you don’t want to appear like a high-wealth location and end up driving away potential customers who may assume your price points will be too high.


For Established Dispensaries Looking to Revamp Their Look

One way already-operating retail cannabis stores can revamp their stores is to create a promotional program or members-only rewards club. Placing an iPad or tablet by your cash registers and allowing customers to enter their phone number into your chosen system will keep cannabis consumers coming back for more. Providing perks and benefits for your loyal customer base through a registration-based system helps you stand out from other stores who may not offer any sort of rewards program. You can use your system to incentivize customers to return by texting out daily deals, special offers, or coupons.  Another popular design trend for dispensaries right now is to offer check-out areas separate from the main showroom. Shifting cash registers to either end of the store allows them to be tucked out of the way and leaves more room for customers to browse and ask questions about different products that are on display for sale. This also allows for a more private transaction experience at the point-of-sale, making customers feel more at ease when exchanging cash or asking any final questions they may have.

To gain popularity with customers and within your community, you can also set up a gallery in your waiting area or showroom. You can display different art, like paintings and sculptures, created by local artists. Cannabis-themed art will especially be a big hit among customers. Collaborating with local artists and sculptors to create custom pieces for your dispensary, such as customized seating or murals, can also add a special aesthetic touch to your store that is unique to your dispensary. You can also expand your store to offer an apparel or accessories section, as well as a wellness room in medical dispensaries. Making room for branded merchandise or smoking paraphernalia will likely increase revenue, as customers will have a wider selection of products to choose from. Selling your own branded apparel also allows your customers to walk around wearing it and advertise for you – all with no expense on your end. Medical patients also appreciate wellness rooms, where they can meet with caretakers to decide which medicine and form of consumption is best for them.

Above all, always work to ensure your dispensary is consistently warm and has an inviting feeling. Customers should enjoy the experience of visiting your store, so make sure it is always radiating positivity and sending friendly vibes out when cannabis consumers stop in to shop. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to give your retail cannabis store a bit of a face-lift, these tips are sure to enhance your dispensary’s overall design and aesthetic.

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