Entrepreneurs Entering The Canadian Edible Market Will Face Baked-In Problems

Buying and selling marijuana in Canada is currently a very grey market

Buying and selling marijuana in Canada is currently a very grey market – almost legal but with a shrug emoji attached. Along this legally nebulous frontier, no one has more of an uphill battle than the makers and distributors of edible products.

Caught between the fearful underground economy of yesterday and the optimistic, free-market opportunity of tomorrow, bakers and chefs (and marketers and investors) are currently toiling to develop delicious marijuana-infused foods. Their goal is to do away with the classic pot brownie – that gooey, Cheech and Chong era relic that more often than not fails to mask the flavor of the drug – and build a viable business selling food that makes you high.

Any food business struggles to be noticed in a competitive market and to keep labor and ingredient costs low while growing at a scalable pace. Edible-marijuana entrepreneurs also face some major challenges that most food businesses don’t, such as controlling the dose of the drug they’re administering; working with a product many people don’t like the taste of; and coping with the unpredictability of the law.


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