Exclusive: CBDfx Co-Founder Jameson Rodgers

We sat down with the co-founder (pictured left) to discuss the brand

With CBD seeming to be the powerhouse cannabinoid of 2019, California based CBDfx has been steadily growing its portfolio both in their product offerings as well as big-box retailer partners willing to carry them. We sat down with co-founder Jameson Rodgers for an in-depth chat about the brand in this exclusive interview.

MRR:                   First thank you both for taking the time to talk with us. CBDfx is a behemoth in the industry. Can you walk our readers through how the company got its start and what your goals were?

Jameson Rodgers:                Absolutely, it’s my pleasure. So to start, CBDfx is a daughter company of NEwhere Inc., and NEwhere is actually one of the most successful brands in the vaping industry. Six years ago now, back in 2013, we started hearing a little bit about CBD and the potential benefits of it. We knew that CBD could be vaped, so we went ahead and launched our first product that same year which was a simple vape additive that you could add to any e-liquid that you like.

If you fast forward a couple years, CBDfx has grown exponentially and morphed into more of a lifestyle brand with higher-end products. To date, we have developed close to a hundred different SKU’s varying from gummy bears to tinctures, capsules, topical products, face serums, and a lot more. If you did a side by side comparison we are a completely different brand than what we were back then.

The goal for CBDfx has always been, and this is part of our mission statement, to offer products to everyone. Not just the guy in a vape store or only to people in the counter-culture industry, but everyone.

CBDfx Tinctures

MRR:                   What does your R&D process look like when considering a new product for market?

Jameson Rodgers:                We believe that in order to get the strongest product portfolio possible we have to work with the experts that are capable both on the R&D side, as well as on the manufacturing side in order to come up with products that are not only high quality, but consistent.

If you took our gummy bears, for example, we are working with a contract manufacturer that has done it for almost 20 years. The same applies to all the topical products. That’s how we were able to catapult CBDfx from being just a vape brand to being a more all-encompassing lifestyle brand.

MRR:                   As more big-box retailers come online with CBD, what is your strategy in taking on new retail partners?

Jameson Rodgers:                 So obviously the first goal has been to establish legitimacy because, you know, six years ago the entire CBD industry was more of a counter-culture thing. There are still brands out there doing, well I wouldn’t necessarily say shady stuff, but we want to set ourselves apart from our competitors by being the most compliant and buttoned-up operation possible.

That’s why we put QR codes for our lab reports on our products and we’re fully transparent about our supply chain and I think that’s why we have such success with the bigger retailers. They’re new to this industry and they honestly just don’t want any surprises. We pride ourselves on doing the full panel of tests of the end product and it’s something that we’re not required to do, but we’re doing anyway just to be transparent and to differentiate ourselves from everybody else.

To give an example, a really interesting retailer is Urban Outfitters. You have high hopes for that partnership because you’re gonna see CBDfx products branded alongside other high-end topicals in a really cool store setting. However, the end goal is to be in at least a handful of the domestic big-box stores and Urban Outfitters as well as Kroger’s are definitely two of the many targets that we have.

CBDfx’s Face Mask line of products

MRR:                   What are you guys looking forward to in 2020?

Jameson Rodgers:                 I would say consolidate the big box store framework and just make sure that it’s available to every single consumer across all of the states that we’re targeting. You’re going to see CBDfx in a lot more stores than just Urban Outfitters and Kroger’s moving forward. We are also going to be focused on innovation because that’s what we’re known for. We were the first brand to launch a 100% natural gummy bear with no corn syrup and the full-spectrum CBD oil infused into the product has catapulted us into a different league.

We are also going to focus a lot more on other compounds in the hemp plant that could be beneficial. Right now all the praises are about CBD, but what people don’t realize is that there are a lot more benefits to the plant than just that molecule and that’s the next exciting step for us.

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