Feds Take Over Cannabis Prosecutions In Florida Amid Hemp Legalization

The move could set new standards for cannabis prosecutions

After multiple state attorneys across Florida announced the legalization of hemp would delay or even halt some marijuana prosecutions, the U.S. Attorney for Florida’s Northern District has announced the feds will take the reigns.

The move could set new standards for marijuana prosecutions.

The legalization of hemp, marijuana’s non-psychoactive identical twin, propped state attorneys like Jack Campbell to reevaluate how they handle cases involving marijuana.

“We still are in a posture of trying to get the resources to be able to test it,” said Campbell.

In the meantime, Campbell and many other state attorneys have decided to delay or drop marijuana cases.

“The legislature is still very clear that marijuana is illegal in this state,” said Campbell. “They’re also very clear that hemp is legal in this state. So we just need to be able to differentiate.”

Now, U.S. Attorney of Florida’s Northern District Lawrence Keefe, who oversees 25 Florida counties, has said his office will take over the caseload.

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