Fireball Quietly Jumps Into The Cannabis Business

Fireball is the third best-selling whiskey in the United States

While the world has been waiting on bended knee for the past year or so, watching for large alcohol companies like Constellation Brands (makers of Corona and Modelo) and Heineken to take over the global cannabis market with a mighty vengeance, other popular booze slingers have gotten into the game without much fanfare at all. Over the summer, the manufacturer of one of America’s favorite whisky brands began producing a line of red-hot cannabis edibles that everyone from hipsters to weekend warrior suburbanites are going to recognize the second they spot them down at their neighborhood dispensary. Indeed, it seems the dragon has been unleashed.

The Sazerac Company, the maker of Fireball cinnamon whisky, recently got into the business of selling marijuana. The company, which knocks down hundreds of millions in sales with its popular liquor, rolled out a line of THC-infused gummies back in July that reportedly comes packed with the same delicious cinnamon flavor as its trendy whisky brand. Fireball is the third best-selling whiskey in the United States, just behind Jack Daniels and Crown Royal. But it remains to be seen just how well the company will do by selling a THC-infused (and alcohol-free) product on the cannabis scene.

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