First Medical Cannabis Edibles Are For Sale In Ohio

Prices are unfortunately expected to remain high as the program ramps up

Limited quantities of cannabis-infused gummy candy hit Ohio medical dispensary shelves late last week.

The initial price for Ohio’s first legal edible is steep: $80 for 11 gummies. Each candy contains 10 mg of THC. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound that generates a “high.”

Similar strength gummies sell for about $25 for a pack of 10 in Illinois, which has a highly-regulated medical cannabis program similar to Ohio’s.

Prices are expected to remain high as the program ramps up. Fewer than half of the state-licensed 29 growers have cannabis flower or other products on retail dispensary store shelves.

Only two of the state’s 39-licensed cannabis product makers are operating. Grow Ohio Pharmaceuticals’ square-shaped gummies were first sold in dispensaries last week. Standard Wellness plans to sell gummies later this month, first in its Sandusky dispensary and then across the state.

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