Flow Kana Institute Hosts Cannabis As A Catalyst For Change Conference

The inaugural TED talk-style “Flow Talks” featured Snoop Dogg

Flow Kana is a name likely familiar to many Northern California cannabis consumers. Started in 2015 by Michael Steinmetz,  and his wife Flavia Cassani, the company bills itself as a “California-based, small batch cannabis brand powered by craft farmers.”  Steinmetz has made it their mission to serve as an umbrella organization that unites smaller pot farmers to give them the platform and the power to compete with Big Ag.

On Sept. 23, Flow Kana hosted a small selection of reporters, investors, brand representatives, and farmers at the brand’s home base in Redwood Valley for its first-ever Cannabis as a Catalyst for Change event.

If you really want people to pay attention, take away their smartphones. Better yet — have them go somewhere without service. This may not have been the primary objective of the conference but the remote location certainly played a noticeable role in conjuring an atmosphere of respect and focus.

Construction is still underway, but progress is on track to develop what they’ve named the Flow Kana Institute. Its purpose? To provide “a centralized location for independent cannabis farmers to test, dry, cure, trim, process, package, manufacture, and distribute farm products cost effectively, and at massive scale.”

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