Flower Co. Now Selling Cannabis Bouquet Kits

The kits are available across California

Stop and smell the roses… or smoke the flower. It’s the 21st century, and traditional floral bouquets are a thing of the past.

Flower Co. now sells cannabis bouquet kits across California, specifically designed to elevate any floral arrangement with an artistic assortment of joints. With the simple kit, customers can easily create the cannabis bouquet of their dreams. It’s the perfect gift for romantic partners, smoke buddies, or any cannabis aficionado in your life.  

The kit is available for members and non-members alike

The bouquet kits are available on the website starting today, and include a wooden box, glass vase, 6 joint holders, a to/from tag and a letterpress card. The kit is available to Flower Co. members for $20 or non-members for $40 across the Los Angeles and San Francisco markets.

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