Formulations, Patents And Where Cannabis Is Going Next

The future of cannabis is in formulations

When you think of cannabis, you likely think of a sticky bud, an oil, maybe even a tincture. But what if you reconfigured your notion of cannabis to instead envision an abstract scientific equation? Sure, this may sound like the stuff of stoner sci-fi, except that it’s the real-life direction that the cannabis industry is headed. That’s because the future of cannabis is in formulations.

So while there will always be a need for skilled cultivators to grow the plant, consumers — especially novice consumers — more and more will veer toward a manufactured cannabis oil, edibles, pills, or tinctures, designed by scientists to target the consumer’s specific needs. The basis of these products are specially curated chemical concoctions, donning specific ratios of cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and terpenes, aromatic compounds that provide a distinct character to each of marijuana’s varied psychoactive effects.

As adult-use and medical-marijuana policies become more commonplace, the canna-curious demographic is growing. Whether these naive consumers are interested in cannabis for its therapeutic or recreational benefits, many are not up for the gamble of smoking flower to see what happens. Rather, the new cannabis consumer is looking for an exact, consistent experience to reliably target either a particular medical ailment, or to bring about a specific, desired effect. And it turns out, these consistent, tailored experiences, as well as the technology used to procure them, comprise a company’s intellectual property — which can be transferred, legally, anywhere in the country. After all, we’re not talking about actual weed here, just its abstract scientific expression and methodology.

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