Georgia Lawmakers Are Finally Considering Legalizing the Cultivation and Sale of Medical Marijuana

GA patients left with no way to access their now legal medicine.

In 2015, the state of Georgia legalized medical cannabis oil – with 5 percent THC or less – for patients with epilepsy and similar seizure disorders. Since then, they have expanded that law to allow 16 other conditions, giving the state’s current 6,000 registered patients the ability to legally possess and use the medicine they need. 

Unfortunately, that law did not make it legal for cannabis to be grown, processed or sold in the state – leaving patients with no way to access their now legal medicine. But it seems that could change this year. 

“This is a massive step,” said Robert Lee, founder of GaXtracts. “Georgia is primed and in a good position to get this legislation in place and enable the industry to start growing.”

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