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Getting Your Dispensary St. Patrick’s Day Ready

It is the holiday of green after all

The theme is GREEN in the days leading up to March 17, when all the Irish, and those who love to celebrate their holiday, will unite in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The revelers’ day will be filled with green beer, green clothing, green party favors, and for Californians and other legal states, the best green bud that can be found to be recreationally enjoyed. Special holidays represent opportunities to profit for cannabis dispensaries. The lead up to holidays, and the creative sales strategies supporting them can create some great buzz that will get the Irish (and everyone else!) in your door, and cash in your registers.

Here are some tips to get your cannabis dispensary St. Patrick’s Day ready:


Show Them How to Throw a Great Cannabis-Infused St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Use effective displays to entice customers to purchase items that will have them holding the best infused St. Patrick’s Day private party in the state. Accompany your cannabis oils with recipe cards for cannabis-infused Irish Stew; create attractive shamrock-themed cannabis serving trays using the greens found in cannabis flower; pull out the green accessories that feature some of your highest end lines that they can pass around on the holiday. For California dispensaries, get your customers’ creative juices flowing on how they can incorporate cannabis into the first St. Patrick’s Day when it’s legal to purchase cannabis for recreational enjoyment.


Create Buzz Before Hand

We’re just over two weeks away from the big day, but now is the time you should be building buzz about your St. Patrick’s Day offerings. While online marketing and external advertising are limited due to state regulations, you can market St. Patrick’s Day to your captive audience in a way that will have them curious to come back in on the big day. Create digital signage, or enhance your display media, with messaging about your sales, special offers, and new product stock that will be hitting the shelves on the day of St. Patrick, and be sure to invite them to take part in the day when checking them out.


Create Exclusive Offers

People are always enticed to purchase more when there is a sense of exclusivity for a certain product or sale. For Loyalty Members, offer an additional 20% of their purchase for St. Patrick’s Day. Highlight certain products that channel the green of the lands of Ireland so that people will be drawn to purchase things in the spirit of the exciting day. Offer limited time only purchase codes on online sales within a short time frame that will have more online shoppers logging on than usual. Make sure you create that sense of urgency to entice them to take advantage of what they won’t be able to access on March 18 when the celebrations are over.


Play Off the Luck of the Irish

You’ll often see phrases channeling the luck of the Irish splayed across people’s t-shirts, so bring that into the store. The luck of the Irish, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and “get lucky” are all themes that you can play off. Have scratch cards at check out that allow people to get a certain percentage off their purchase. Offer a special Loyalty Program deal where if they sign up on St. Patrick’s Day, their luck will continue with an additional 10% off their next 3 visits so they feel their luck continue. Create a “pot of Gold” where you can offer certain products like shatter, or wax, or other concentrates at highly reduced rates. Be creative, and let the luck of the Irish inspire your sales strategies.


Celebrate the Heck out of Legal Recreational Cannabis

When you think about it, the people in states that have passed legalization on recreational cannabis are indeed pretty lucky to enjoy the privilege. Celebrate the milestones in legal cannabis by offering recreational cannabis at rates you rarely see. Offer a smorgasbord of discounted eights (some selling as low as $17!) or make your ounces accessible (some dispensaries have offered ounces as low as $89 on this holiday!). Recreational cannabis is here to stay, so make St. Patrick’s Day a day where you can let your communities know it’s OK to imbibe and offer them legal recreational cannabis at incredibly accessible prices.


Accompany Sales with Cannabis Education

Some communities get their backs up about the amount of revelry that happens in their streets on St. Patrick’s Day, with the day often being associated with a day full of excess. St. Patrick’s Day, and all days where huge amounts of cannabis is sold, is an excellent time to reinforce the consumer’s responsibility for safe and responsible consumption. Among the revelry, keep your cannabis education displays visible, where they’re offering informative pieces on the uses of cannabis, including legal limits, social use regulations, and how to keep your cannabis experience positive and safe.


St. Patrick’s Day is a day for fun and positive celebration. Use this day as an opportunity to engage your customers, and show them how you can celebrate a holiday.


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