‘Grass Lands’ Offers Cannabis Experience At Outside Lands Festival In SF

The annual music festival has have a zone for all things pot-related


With this year’s Outside Lands music festival now in full swing, the grass covering Golden Gate Park’s sprawling Polo Fields is hardly the only green in sight.

With a new attraction called “Grass Lands,” Outside Lands’ producers are declaring this the first major American music festival to embrace cannabis culture on-site, and announced it proudly on festival’s website a few weeks in advance.

Situated at the south end of the Polo Fields (organizers call the area “SoPo”), Grass Lands is a 21-and-up experience showcasing all facets of cannabis culture. There’s lemonade stand, educational exhibits with “budtenders” on hand to answer questions, homemade baked goods, and a place to make your very own flower crown.

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