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Growth And Marketing Hacks For Cannabis Brands, Part 1

Use these tips to help your brand stand out in the crowd

At my company, we explore and reveal the best marijuana business models and broker the sale of cannabis businesses. I speak with a lot of people along the entire supply chain and I would like to reveal some of what I’ve learned.

In this series, I will share the strategies that I’ve picked up from some of the fastest-growing cannabis and CBD brands for launching and growing a CBD brand.

Here’s the lay of the business landscape and what I’ve found to be the best business and marketing opportunities in the cannabis space right now.

Who This Is For: 

1. Current dispensary owners and marketers looking to expand their businesses.

2. Turn-key franchise buyers who don’t have experience in the industry.

3. Startup mavericks and marketers looking to shake things up with their unique spin.

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