Health Canada Is Overwhelmed With Cannabis Research Applications

Applications started pouring in when legalization came into force last October.

As of last month, there were 251 applicants waiting in the queue for approval, and scientists are becoming increasingly irritated with the stagnancy of the process, which is currently subject to waits lasting months at a time.

Although Health Canada, which is in charge of issuing the research permits, has claimed to be committed to increasing the efficiency of the application process, researchers are complaining that the wait times are unacceptable and have worsened since the drug became legal.

Although cannabis research was taking place in Canada long before the drug was legalized for adult use, studies were subject to unwavering restrictions and regulations within the country.

The onset of legalization produced an instant avalanche of cannabis research applications for Health Canada – on top of those for cultivation, processing, retail and other aspects of the strictly-regulated industry that require the federal agency’s approval.

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