How One Cannabis Company Drastically Reduced Plastic Waste By Childproofing Its Vapes

They simply added a step to the manufacturing process

CannaCraft, the manufacturer of many of California’s top-selling cannabis brands, recently announced thatn its vape cartridges were certified as child-resistant under the requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, successfully fulfilling California’s child-resistant packaging requirements for cannabis products.

It turns out that, like most other companies in the U.S. cannabis industry, CannaCraft was producing a lot of plastic waste.

Prior to receiving this certification, the 2 million vape cartridges produced by CannaCraft annually were packaged in plastic, child-resistant tubes to comply with cannabis packaging regulations in California.

By adding a step to the manufacturing process, the company is now able to seal the vape cartridgesmaking them inherently child-resistant without adding excessive, single-use plastic.

In a letter to CannaCraft, the California Department of Public Health commended the company’s “diligence in adhering to both the letter and spirit of the law, as you continue to pursue innovations in this emerging market.”

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