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How To Apply And Win A Dispensary License In Missouri

Our friends at COVA took a look at how to win a shop license in Missouri

Medical cannabis legalization is sweeping through states some onlookers never thought possible. Missouri, a state that many cannabis activists never saw as a fertile ground for legalization, is turning the lights on a medical marijuana program in a few short months — a true testament to how far the movement and industry have come.Registered patients in Missouri will be able to purchase medical marijuana in state-licensed dispensariesas early as January 2020. Before that can happen, Missouri must award cannabis licenses! The licensing process in Missouri is set to officially begin on August 3rd, but applicants shouldn’t wait until then to start preparing. In this blog, you will learn how to apply for and win a cannabis license in Missouri.

Missouri Cannabis Dispensary License Requirements

Before you even think about applying for a cannabis license in Missouri, make sure you are eligible. To apply for a Missouri cannabis license, you must be a resident of the state for at least one year. Cannabis business entities must be majority-owned by a citizen of Missouri for at least a year and do not claim residency in any other state. Additionally, no licensee, owner, partial owner, or employee can have a disqualifying felony on their record.

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