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How To Land the Right Location For Your Cannabis Dispensary

Regardless of which state you’re in, there are some considerations

With new markets in Missouri, Michigan, and Illinois primed and ready for takeoff, entrepreneurs across the Midwest are laying the groundwork for their cannabis operations. And if you’re one of them who’s planning on launching a cannabis retail venture, finding the right location is one of the most critical first items on your to-do list.

In this post, we’ll be covering everything you need to know as you set out to find the perfect site for your cannabis dispensary.

Regardless of which state you’re in, there are some general considerations you’ll want to make as you begin the search for your ideal cannabis dispensary location.

1. Ensure license availability

Before you fill out a single form or consider a single location, you first need to check that cannabis retail and/or dispensary licenses are currently being issued in your state. Many states have put a cap on the number of available retail licenses, while others only accept new dispensary applications during specified windows or when patient rolls reach a certain level.

A quick search for your state’s cannabis regulatory agency should reveal whether applying for a retail license is even an option for you at this time.

2. Ensure legality in your proposed location

The next thing to consider is that although cannabis may be legal in your state, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legal where you live — or where you want to establish your retail business. Most states that have legalized cannabis have left it up to local governments, either at the county or municipal level, to decide whether they’ll allow cannabis businesses to operate within their jurisdictions.

So, if you’re planning on launching a cannabis retail store, you’ll need to verify that it’s allowed in the county, city, or town in which you want to do business.

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