Illinois Cannabis Sales Peak Record High In August

73% of buyers were in-state residents while 27% were out-of-state

On Tuesday, Illinois released its data on cannabis sales for the month of August.

Adding together medical and adult-use sales, the Prairie State reached a record high of over $95 million in legal cannabis retail.

“We are not surprised to see another record month for adult-use cannabis sales in August, with total industry sales approaching $100 million — well-exceeding $1 billion of legal cannabis sales on an annualized basis,” said Linda Marsicano VP of Corporate Communications at Green Thumb Industries.

Green Thumb has eight stores and two manufacturing facilities in the state.

Marsicano continued to say that consumer demand remains strong throughout the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The company expects industry growth to continue as operators ramp up capacity to increase supply, new stores open throughout the state and existing stores add adult-use sales.  

Recreational Sales

Adult-use sales amounted to a total of $63.9 million before taxes. This marks a record for Illinois, surpassing July sales by over $3 million.

Of the total, 73% of buyers were in-state residents while 27% were out-of-state visitors.

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