Illinois Recreational Dispensaries Are Running Out Of Cannabis

Sales were close to $5.5 million across that state in the first two days

It’s been less than a week since recreational marijuana went on sale in Illinois and already there are supply issues.

The demand is so high, many dispensaries have sold out of recreational marijuana, so customers will have to wait for some dispensaries such as Midway Dispensary to restock.

Midway Dispensary ran out of product for their recreational use customers Sunday. Signs were up all around the store saying that to stay in compliance with the law, they have to have a 30-day inventory at all times for medical patients, and because of that they have to stop selling to recreational customers.

“We exceeded our expectations about how much stuff we had, and the number of purchasers we were allowed to service, so that was a good thing,” said Neal McQueney, the dispensary’s owner.

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