In Canada, The Edmonton Council Is Looking At Creating Rules For Cannabis Lounges

“Cannabis lounges are going to come”

Councillor Mike Nickel sees a hole in Edmonton’s bylaws and regulations that he wants to see filled. Nowhere are there rules for city staff to use for cannabis lounges.

Federal legislation made edibles legal on Oct. 17.

“If it’s a legitimate product, then we have to see it consumed responsibly,” Nickel said leading up to Tuesday’s council meeting, when his motion will be debated by city council. “This is an opportunity to talk about how we can grow some business in town.

“Cannabis lounges are going to come,” he told Global News. “No other place in the country right now, I don’t think, has enabled in their bylaws the concept of a cannabis lounge, so we’re breaking new ground here.

“How do we create these lounges? How do we make them happen? How do we zone these things?

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