In MA, Cannabis Delivery Cams Stir Privacy, Safety Debate

The CCC’s draft regulations require delivery drivers to wear a body camera

Consumer privacy and public safety concerns collided Wednesday as a proposal to require that marijuana delivery drivers wear body cameras and record each delivery on video emerged as a flashpoint in the Cannabis Control Commission’s process of rewriting its industry rules.

For months, the CCC has been crafting new draft regulations for the medical marijuana world as well as the adult-use or recreational industry to tweak some things and, in some cases, expand what marijuana businesses are allowed to do.

Among the new allowances would be the ability for non-medical marijuana users to order the drug to be delivered to their home in largely the same way medical patients can already have the product delivered.

The CCC’s draft regulations would require delivery drivers to wear a body camera any time they are outside their delivery vehicle — which is also required to have cameras — and to record all transactions. The video of those transactions would be stored for at least 90 days and must be made available to the CCC or law enforcement if requested.

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