Indiva, A Canadian Grower, Says Dried Flower Is Not The Future

Cannafused sugar is where they are placing their bets

The future of the marijuana market is not in traditional dried flower, said Niel Marotta, CEO of Indiva, a cannabis grower in London, Ont. Like many in the industry, Marotta is looking ahead to an explosion in the types of cannabis products that will be for sale sometime in the next year.

The federal government legalized recreational marijuana on Oct. 17, but only dried bud, oil and seeds are available now. Health Canada has one year to regulate edible cannabis products and concentrates such as the oil used in vape pens.

For companies, the race is on to develop new products. Companies are trying to figure out what customers will want while waiting for the federal government to tell them what will be allowed. Indiva has a licensing deal with Rudy Edibles, a company that makes cannabis-infused sugar and salt.


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