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Industrial Hemp Is Now Legal In The United States

CBD is primed to explode with the monumental signing

More than 80 years of industrial hemp prohibition vanished with a stroke of a pen as H.R. 2 – The Agriculture And Nutrition Act of 2018, better known as The Farm Bill. This $867b behemoth of a bill was the brainchild of bipartisan recognition that the criminalization of industrial hemp not only doesn’t make sense, it hurts the American economy, especially in the new age of cannabis consumerism.

One of the largest pieces of industrial hemp legalization is the potential for CBD. With the CBD market expected to grow to $2.1 billion by 2020, which is a whopping 700% growth from 2016, the true green rush hasn’t even started yet.


To see a signing of H.R. 2, please watch the video below.


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