Innovative Ways Organizations Are Educating And Fighting For Marijuana

Worldwide, there are many organizations working to better the industry

Worldwide, there are many organizations fighting to end the prohibition on marijuana and the failed war on drugs that are worthy of admiration. Some operate on a global scale, while others focus their efforts on reform at the national level. The best way to bring about change is through education and ending the spread of misinformation. Some of the most influential and innovative marijuana legalization groups that make the biggest difference when it comes to drug law reform are leading the way in providing innovative ways to spread marijuana information. Here are a few examples.

Highlighting Issues in Criminal Reform

The Marijuana Policy Project, or MPP, is a non-profit agency based in the United States fighting to end marijuana prohibition by highlighting issues in current criminal law and drug policy. MPP was founded in 1995 and has been lobbying legislatures and running ballot initiative campaigns to legalize marijuana since then.  On the federal level, MPP lobbies Congress to lower both the White House Drug Czar’s and the DEA’s budget. MPP works with similar organizations across the nation to form coalitions of like-minded individuals working and advocating for marijuana law reform. One of MPP’s main beliefs and driving forces is that the greatest harm associated with marijuana is prison. They focus on criminal law reform in this area to lower sentences, fines, and punishments associated with marijuana infractions. Overall, they support no criminal penalties whatsoever for marijuana; they hope to see it regulated like alcohol one day.

Pushing for Drug Policy Change

LEAP stands for Law Enforcement Action Partnership, which was formally known as the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. This international organization is made up of current and former criminal justice professionals and law enforcement officials who want to push for drug policy change and wish to put a stop to the global “War on Drugs”. LEAP works to educate their fellow law enforcement officers about the failings of the drug war and to promote sensible policy reform. Members of LEAP believe that individuals should not be punished for drug use or possession, only for crimes against others. Like MPP, LEAP also advocates for change through the legislative process. LEAP representatives often work to block initiatives that they view as harmful towards the progression of ending the War on Drugs. LEAP’s main goal is to educate the public, the press, and legislators and policymakers about how current drug policy is failing. They favor a tight regulatory system to oversee medical and retail marijuana instead of continuing the blanket prohibition of marijuana. Another organization pushing for drug policy reform is DPA. The Drug Policy Alliance, or DPA, is a US-based organization that was founded in 2000. DPA is also involved in the legislative process, working to roll back the excesses of the drug war and block new harmful initiatives, all while promoting sensible drug policy reforms.  To counteract prohibitive legislation and mindsets, DPA works to educate society about sensible regulation; regulation that is grounded in fact and science, health, and human rights. DPA tirelessly works to end the stigma surrounding drug use, prejudice, and punitive prohibitions- something every marijuana consumer can be thankful for.

Educational Events


Founded in 1998, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, or SSDP, is an international network of students who work to minimize the harms on society brought about by the War on Drugs. SSDP works to educate young citizens about drug policy reform and to encourage them to use their knowledge to participate in the political process. SSDP works to create change by bringing students together to have honest conversations about drugs, drug use, and drug policy. As part of their educational outreach efforts, SSDP has dozens of events annually around the world, at which they host meetings and discussions on campuses where people can engage with other like-minded individuals about common-sense drug policy reform. Culinary and Cannabis is a luxury health, wellness, and education brand that teaches people how to make home-cooked marijuana-infused meals using their own marijuana cooking skills. Through their event forum, healthcare professionals, advocacy groups, and food and wine experts are brought together from around the world to learn how to harness the power of medical marijuana as a legitimate treatment by exploring its many culinary uses. Culinary and Cannabis aims to educate professionals within the medical marijuana community about all the various ways to help their patients get their lives back.


Ellevate is a global professional women’s network. They consistently produce and publish podcasts that focus on the marijuana industry from experienced women’s perspectives. Ellevate is a great professional and educational resource for information about the marijuana industry, especially for entrepreneurs and investors.  Podcasts also educate listeners on subjects such as the difference between marijuana and marijuana, the rise and importance of social entrepreneurship within the industry, and why women are key decision-making players. Ellevate understands that women’s roles are vital to the success of cannabusinesses, and offers great resources for those looking to stand out in the industry.

Online Education

There are many online modules out there to educate readers on the world of legal marijuana. One shining example of a great online education page from is Farmacy’s cannabis education module. Farmacy was the first licensed dispensary in Victoria, Canada and currently offers the largest medical marijuana menu. Their online guide is very useful for new patients, or those interested in learning more about the subject from an informative perspective. There are many more organizations out there fighting for the greater good through education than just those listed above. The collective impact of these organizations really does make a difference when it comes to ending prohibition of marijuana, and they deserve our support. We also invite you to read our best practices page for information related to running your dispensary. Education is key, and as this industry grows smarter, we grow better.

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