Iowa State Board Overseeing Cannabis Sticks By Its Recommendations

The board recommended 4.5 grams of THC over a 90 day period

A state board that oversees Iowa’s medical cannabis board on Friday rejected adding new illnesses to the list of qualifying conditions and did not change its recommendations for purchase limitations on THC, despite pleas from patients and advocates.

The Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Board held its first 2020 meeting Friday—they convene four times a year to discuss developments and changes to the state’s medical cannabis program, which allows sick Iowans with certain medical conditions to by cannabis products to treat pain.

One by one, Iowans made their cases to the board made up of physicians, asking them to expand the program to allow more people in and increase the amount they can purchase of THC. The board recommends 4.5 grams of THC over a 90 day period.

“Raise the limit, remove the cap, and make medical marijuana more accessible before it’s too late for people,” said Hannah Van Houten, a 21-year-old pharmacy technician from Des Moines, holding back tears. “Medical marijuana saved my dad’s life—imagine what it can do for you or someone you love”

The advocates and patients asked for the board to consider increasing the the amount of THC available for purchase. Last year, Governor Kim Reynolds vetoed a bill that would’ve allowed 25 grams in 90 days—a limit, she says, that is just too high. She has expressed she wants to stay true to the board’s recommendation, which some patients say is not enough to treat their pain.

“I don’t want to go back to opioids—I got off opioids with illegal marijuana. I don’t want to take illegal marijuana,” testified John Fenner of Ottumwa.

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