Israel’s Health Ministry Announces New Rules For Medical Cannabis

Part of the plan is to supervise the pricing of cannabis to keep it under control

New steps outlined by the Health Ministry will make it easier for consumers of medical cannabis to access their medications, according to a ministry statement on Thursday.

“We are attentive to criticism and to improving in order to ease the suffering of patients,” Deputy Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman said. “We will continue to promote further activities on the matter.”

Part of the ministry’s plan is to supervise the pricing of cannabis to keep it under control. The supervision will take place under the authority and approval of a price committee, which will consist of representatives from the ministries of finance and economy.

“A large proportion of the patients will pay less than what they currently pay in the old system,” the ministry wrote in a statement. A fixed payment for pediatric patients and oncology patients will be set at around NIS 500, which will cover their cannabis medications regardless of the amount that they use.

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