Judge’s Ruling Keeps Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary From Opening

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace was sent a temporary restraining order yesterday

A local cannabis company’s plan to start operating a new dispensary is put on hold due to a judge’s ruling Monday.

It’s part of a larger effort by a group of dispensaries to start the state’s marijuana license process from scratch. A temporary restraining order was issued yesterday for Thrive Cannabis Marketplace. It’s one of the companies that was granted conditional marijuana licenses back in December.

The restraining order prevents Thrive from using that license to open a new dispensary. Thrive went to the city of Las Vegas to apply for a business license to start operating their new location. But plaintiff’s attorneys representing a group of around a dozen other cannabis companies, who were not awarded marijuana licenses, wanted to prevent that from happening.

That’s because of a series of lawsuits asking for a “complete do-over” of the marijuana license application process.

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