LA Cannabis Director Says Audit Of Social Equity Program To Begin

The executive director of the DCR made the comments on Monday

The head of Los Angeles’ Department of Cannabis Regulation said Monday her department will not move on to the next phase of a program that provides specialized cannabis retail licenses until a third-party audit of its latest phase is completed.

Cat Packer, the department’s executive director, said Mayor Eric Garcetti last week called for an independent review of the Social Equity Program application process for the Phase 3 Retail Round 1 and stated that the final licensing process will not continue until the completion of the audit.

Packer said the department will continue to process Phase 3 Retail Round 1 applications per city law until 100 applicants are determined to be eligible for further processing. However, the department will not continue to the next phase of licensing until the audit process is complete.

The Social Equity Program is open to people who are considered low-income and/or have a low-level criminal history related to cannabis and operate in a “dispensary-impacted area,” most of which are located in South Los Angeles and Hollywood.

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