La Vida Verde Edibles And Tinctures Now Available In California

Welcome to the Good Life with La Vida Verde


Live the green life with La Vida Verde edibles and tinctures! With two distinct product lines, Super Cookies and Organic Tinctures, La Vida Verde dishes out some of the tastiest treats on the West Coast. Super Cookies are made in small batches using craft cannabis. Ingredients like coconut nectar, lemon zest and Himalayan crystal salt are just some of the all-natural, organic ingredients consumers can expect to find in their Super Cookies. Available in Lemon Pie, Brownie and Raspberry, the Super Cookies are a mouthful of flavor with an elevated taste!



If a more discreet dosing is your style, the Organic Tinctures are perfect for taking alone or adding to beverages. The one-ounce bottles come in three options: Restore, Relax and Revive.  Restore features a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, perfect for those looking for both the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of the plant. Relax uses an Indica strain and Revive features Sativa. Each tincture contains 300 mg of THC with each dropper holding 10 mg of THC. Whether you’re in the mood for an uplifting, chocolate mojito flavored Revive or want to dose on the orange and grapefruit extracted Restore, La Vida Verde has all your bases covered.


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